Tuesday - Saturday

@ Wentworth Falls Tennis Club 

& Katoomba Tennis Club. 

Servicing the Upper Blue Mountains NSW


Phone Nicole on 0400 948 250 or email:

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Robin Nagy -  Director of Students at Redlands Private School, Sydney (formally of Cranbrook)

I worked with Nicole when I was managing one of the tennis teams under her direction at Cranbrook School. Nicole is the consummate professional. Over the six year’s I’ve known her, the Cranbrook tennis program has come ahead in leaps and bounds. The boys have better skills, are fitter and feel part of a team. Nicole is enthusiastic, creative and extremely organized. She’s also helped me with my game!


Lisa Bradfield - tennis player and mother of three up and comers!

I was lucky enough to have Nicole coach me years ago. It amazed me how quickly she understood my game, how to improve it and how to get me to put those ideas into action. Since then she’s coached my three sons, Ashton (7), Darcy (6) and Jake (3). The difference between Nicole and other coaches is that every lesson you take away some knowledge as well as having a great time.


Christian Nasr - father of two girls

Nicole’s been coaching Elana for two years. We can’t get enough of her! Nicole’s enthusiasm is infectious and Elana really responds to her direction and motivation wrapped up in a fun package. Elana’s serve has improved and she’s added the slice serve to her repertoire. Recently she’s started to coach my younger daughter Christina as she’s been nagging me to join in.



Geoff Cook - Regular Adult client

I first met Nicole some ten years ago.It was only through others that I learnt of her fearsome reputation and achievements i.e. that she was a Wimbledon Doubles finalist,was ranked in the top ten for women's doubles and was a world ranked single's player.
At the time I was a regular Saturday afternoon tennis player.Whilst I enjoyed the tennis enormously I was frustrated at my inability to improve.
It took me six years to convince Nicole to give me some lessons.I had never had any tennis coaching before.
In the four years that Nicole has been coaching me she has taken me from being an also-ran in my tennis group to being able to beat any of the other members.
I was so chuffed with this that I have had Nicole coach both of my sons,their tennis has also improved exponentially.
Nicole is relentless in her search for improvement in her students but does it in such a nice way that they don't realise that it is occurring.Fitness is her watchword.
I have enjoyed every lesson that I have had with Nicole and always look forward to the next.She has become not just a coach but a friend.
Finally,though she has told me not to tell anyone,I aced her once.

Dr.R.Geoffrey W.Cook. BDS(Hons),MDSc,FPFA.



Andre Bognar - Community Tennis Officer, Tennis NSW

Nicole brought the Hot Shots program to Cranbrook school and we’re thrilled with their participation. She’s got an amazing reputation as a coach and her knowledge of the game is inspiring.